Friday, January 11, 2008

Star For Suzanne

Since we've been talking about the Hollywood Walk of Fame let's not forget that Suzanne Pleschette will be getting her star on the Walk on January 31.
Army Archerd reports: "It's no secret Suzanne has been battling cancer and had undergone chemotherapy last year. While her appearances have been very few, she did participate in the tribute to her longtime costar and friend Bob Newhart at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills, and as usual, she brought down the house with her down-to-earth bawdy humor."
Suzanne Pleschette has always been talented, funny and beautiful. And her beauty has always been more than skin deep. She's always maintained a great sense of humor about herself. One gets the impression that she's always kept her life in balance as well. I can't imagine why it took Hollywood so long to give her a star on the Walk of Fame but thank goodness she's having her moment.

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