Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bad Investment

Gannett's Courier-Post newspaper has a fine editorial today that takes New Jersey's U. S. Senators and House members to task for this: "Among the 50 states, New Jersey ranks dead last in the amount of money it gets back from the federal government. For every tax dollar New Jerseyans pay to the IRS, the state receives only 61 cents back for highways, federal grants, social programs and other things that benefit New Jerseyans."
And the editorial adds: "Thirty-two states get more than $1 return on every tax dollar they send to Washington . . . Pennsylvania gets $1.07 back for every $1 Pennsylvanians send to Washington. . . Our congressional delegation has failed to get even close to what New Jersey deserves from Washington."
The editorial does not have kind words for New Jersey's Senator Frank Lautenberg, noting that people seem to feel "uneasy about re-electing someone who is 84 to another six-year term in Washington." Surely, you'll find no defense of Lautenberg here.
But in truth the whole (largely Democrat) congressional delegation is to blame for this injustice which dreadfully short-changes New Jersey. The whole damned bunch of 'em oughta be ashamed of themselves!

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