Friday, January 25, 2008

A Leader Lost

One of America's great leaders isn't running for president this year and he may actually never seek the office.
He governed one of the nation's largest, fastest growing states - a state whose population mirrors that of the nation in many ways. And for eight years he did such a fantastic job that he became a model for other governors throughout the country. He oversaw tremendous prosperity in his state but also held taxes and state spending in check. He was pro business and anti big government but he also put programs in place to help the indigent and those in need.
He remained personable, patient and always considerate of the many diverse communities that inhabit his state. His outreach programs to every sector of the population were exemplary.
He left office with an astounding 65 percent approval rating.
A modest man, he is the first to douse praise heaped upon him and remains easy with a smile that signals a friendly, genuinely likable approach.
Ordinarily, considering his success and accomplishments, he'd be the front runner to lead the GOP into victory in 2008. But his name happens to be Jeb Bush. And that may be the only reason why he's not running for any other office right now.

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