Monday, January 28, 2008

Bravo: Daniel, Julie, Javier!

Looking as beautiful as ever the divine Julie Christie won the Screen Actors Guild Award last night as best actress for her role in Away From Her.
Earlier we identified Julie, Daniel Day-Lewis and Javier Bardem as three of our favorites and all three won in their respective categories. Not only are they each super talents but they all have undeniable star quality. Christie and Day-Lewis can be away from the screen (and out of the spotlight) for years and then come back and blow everyone away with their talent. And Javier fits the same bill.
One of those who was missing from the nomination categories this year was the legendary Andy Griffith. That's sad. Because Andy should have been nominated for his fine performance in Waitress. If you haven't seen Waitress, get the DVD and watch it ASAP.
Of course we are sorry to see James Gandolfini and Alec Baldwin in the lineup of "winners." Neither one deserves such a title. Let us just say that they are grossly unworthy and leave it at that.
BTW: In a classy move, Day-Lewis dedicated his award to the late Heath Ledger.

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