Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hollywood Defection

Oscar winner and four-time Oscar nominee Jon Voight has defected from Hollywood's lockstep liberal frenzy and endorsed Rudy Giuliani for President.
Voight says that "Rudy has the right strategy, the executive experience and the bold vision to win this race and lead America into the future."
I once met Jon Voight when my family and I were travelling. Voight was staying in the same hotel with a bunch of other actors who were performing nearby. Not all of the actors and entertainers who were staying there were friendly when we approached them. But Voight was different. He chatted with us, posed for pictures and was delighted to hear our reactions to some of his film performances including one of my personal favorites, "Runaway Train".
Currently appearing in "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," Jon Voight has sustained a very successful Hollywood career over the span of five decades. To build and maintain such an impressive filmography over such a long time is no easy accomplishment.
Voight is correct when he says "America is approaching one of its most important elections in history."

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