Monday, January 7, 2008


The media are gaga over Barack.
On the TV talkfests this morning the praise and adulation flowed like hot buttah.
Rotund Tim Russert declared Obama captivating and said the Clinton campaign is in emergency mode. BlabberinoMan Chris Matthews said Barack "is giving the best speeches any of us have ever heard." FibberinoMcGee Mike Barnacle said Barack was presiding over "The death of cynicism" and added: "There are people coming to listen to him and they have tears in their eyes. They are crying." And Self-Promoting Pollster Frank Luntz said that the emergence of Obama "Isn't just about the future; it is the future."
One of the morning shows even wired the heads of New Hampshire's undecided voters to measure brain waves and found - you guessed it - no hesitancy to vote for Barack.
OK. It's over. What the hell . . .
Let's just cancel all the remaining primaries and general election and coronate this guy.

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