Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Change

Steven Stark, writing in the Boston Phoenix points out that a year ago the leading candidates for the GOP nomination were Giuliani and McCain.
And Stark feels that little has changed. He believes that the race will come down to Giuliani and McCain. Stark asks: "Will Rudy's 'Wait Until the Big States' strategy work? Here's his answer:
Quite possibly -- we'll know on January 29, when Florida votes. But by the time we get to Florida, Romney and Fred Thompson are likely to be non-factors, and the loser of the South Carolina primary won't be looking great, either. That leaves Giuliani a pretty open field. His problem is that, if McCain is the next-to-last man left, he's a formidable opponent. But a Giuliani victory in Florida, or even in the big states beyond, isn't impossible, particularly if Huckabee can knock off McCain in either Michigan or South Carolina.
And Stark also feels that John Edwards is "finished" and may drop out of the Democrat race. Many people believe that if Edwards left the race it would greatly help Obama since many of the current Edwards voters may be anti-Hillary voters anyway. So, going forward, watch Edwards closely. His decision to stay in or get out could determine the outcome of the Democrat race.

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