Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ahhhh, spring!

As baseball spring training begins anew the fans are once again juiced.
Forget that Philadelphia hasn't had a world champion professionsl sports team in 25 years - 25 long, barren years. That means there isn't a kid (or a college student or young adult) around who remembers the last Philadelphia world championship.
How sad!
And yet the Philadelphia sports franchises continue to pitch their wares, raise their prices and string the fans along with promises of a better day tomorrow. And the fans (poor suckers that they are) continue to buy it.
Sure, I know that Philly teams have won division and conference championships in the interim. That's fine. But no Big Enchilada. And unless the fans get the Big Enchilada, it's not good enough.
Let's put it this way: Suppose you supported a political party that hadn't won the White House in more than 20 years. How long would you expect to keep contributing to and working for that party if it kept losing and losing and losing. How much support does anyone owe to losers?
Hey, I'm a loyal guy but loyalty has its limits. Defeat is a bummer. And a loss is a loss. Period.
The fans deserve a world championship - any world championship. So, here's my message to the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers: Git It Done!

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