Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Somebody named Bill Reilly recently wrote a letter to the Philadelphia Daily News and what he had to say continues to resonate. Reilly warned us about romaticizing JFK's Camelot and seeking an updated version in "Obamalot." Here's part of what Reilly said:
For our journey backward, let's do something radical and grab a history book. Ask what would Obama do differently?
The events that actually occurred during the Kennedy administration: Large tax cuts to stimulate and revive the economy. The FBI wiretapping of MLK's phone. JFK approved the CIA-planned invasion of Cuba. Offensive missiles placed on the Soviet border (Turkey), which led to the Cuban missile crisis.
The planned assassination of Castro. The JFK-backed, CIA-approved assassination of South Vietnam President Diem. Fifteen thousand troops sent to South Vietnam to stop the Viet Cong. No significant legislation passed. White House turned into a bordello. The president's reckless dalliance with a mobster's girlfriend (Judith Campbell) . . . Obama makes the left feel good, but it's all style and no substance.

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Check that out Fast Eddie cant keep his big mouth shut.