Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Way, Ray!

Realizing that Corzine's wacky toll hike scheme may be doomed, tax-and-spend Joisey legislators are looking for other ways to pick our pockets. The Associated Press reports: Sen. Raymond Lesniak, D-Union, said that some toll hikes "could be eliminated by increasing the state's 14.5 cents per gallon gas tax by 10 cents now and five cents in 2013. Doing so, he told the Associated Press, would allow the state to pay for transportation work for decades."
One of the few "benefits" we have in Joisey is the [relatively] low tax on gas at the pump. Now, Lesniak and his pals want to take that away from us while they still try to keep some of the toll hikes in place. It's the same old shell game.
Call Lesniak at 908-624-0880. Tell him: No toll hike. No gas tax hike. No new taxes. No way! Cut state spending now!

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Anonymous said...

New jersey has seen the highest tax increase more then any other state since 2000, jumping from 24th place to 10th place. Its out of control my family and i moved out of NJ to PA right around 2000. I Fear PA could be headed down that path. If only Christine Whitman days could come back in NJ.