Friday, February 22, 2008

Buy This Book!

We went out to Borders last night to welcome Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure, authors of the new bestseller "The Soprano State: New Jersey's Culture of Corruption." More than 150 people showed up for this event and the book sold out in a matter of minutes. We had to put our names on a waiting list. It's been the same way wherever Bob and Sandy go. The publisher has already sold out of the first printing.
People are thirsting for the truth about the waste, corruption, deceit and mismanagement that have dogged our state. Sandy said she hasn't seen anything like this since the big anti-tax rallies and Florio debacle of 1990. Bob says people are really angry.
Here's what impressed me most about these two veteran journalists: They haven't become so cynical that they even begin to think about "What's the use?" Instead, they're still fighting the Good Fight. What I found refreshing is how much enthusiasm they have and how much they still believe in democracy. Bob kept telling everyone there last night: "Keep fighting. Write. Call. Let your voice be heard." And Sandy smiled in a knowing way as if to say "We can do this."
These two give me hope for the future. And if we can put the breaks on Corzine & Co. we should not stop there. We should go all the way and throw all the rascals out. Then let's give New Jersey what it really needs: initiative, referendum and recall!

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