Sunday, February 17, 2008

Immune To Hype

From our friend Christine Flowers in the Philadelphia Daily News:
Just like every other kid, I endured the battery of shots that inoculated against the diseases of childhood: diptheria, whooping cough, typhus, measles, polio.
The marks have faded after more than 40 years, but there is still enough definition there to remind me of my parents' concern and my doctors' wisdom. Thanks to them, I was immune to anything but the passing cold.
I wonder if, in that pharmacological mix, they slipped in a vaccine against hype.
It occurred to me that this must be the only explanation for my complete and utter immunity to Barack "Yes We Can!" Obama. When he stands at the podium and delivers those words of hope and uplift, the crowds roar back in support.
And here I sit, trying to figure out what it is that keeps me from succumbing to the enchantment of this political messiah when so many intelligent people are falling in line - and in love . . .

Read the rest of the column here.

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