Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who's Real?

Tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8:30 PM I will be on the Dom Giordano Show on The Big Talker, 1210 AM radio in Philadelphia.
I'll be talking about authenticity once again and focusing on who is the Real Deal among the presidential candidates.
Here's what I said about authenticity recently in a Philadelphia Daily News opinion piece:
Being authentic is hard work.
It takes discipline. Authentic leaders know who they are. They are comfortable in their own skin. Their own quiet, practiced belief in themselves is what moves them to inspire others.
And they do that by first spending lots of time really listening to the people they hope to inspire. In a world full of cowards, genuine leaders are called on to chart new paths, take risks and even show a bit of old-fashioned courage now and then.
Authentic leaders are imperfect. They're distinctive, quirky and even eccentric.
And because they aren't afraid to trust their instincts, they can surprise us as well. There's little doubt that Churchill was authentic. So, too, was Harry Truman.

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You were good.