Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Strong, Honest, Decisive"

According to the latest polls "he is widely seen as experienced, strong, honest and decisive." And in recent months no single candidate has seen his or her image improve more than him. When voters are asked about him they have a hard time coming up with anything negative to say. In polling lingo this means that his positives are high and strong while his negatives are low.
Who is he?
Well, since I'm talking about a "he" you know it's not Hillary. And since he is seen as "experienced" you know it's not Barack. Among viable candidates that leaves only McCain and Romney. By process of elimination you've got to figure that the dramatic increase in positive image in recent months could only mean McCain.
And so it is.
All this according to a just released Associated Press/Yahoo survey. According to this poll McCain is "even showing improvements from two groups he has struggled to win over: conservatives and white evangelical Christians."
Meanwhile, Hillary is seen as less than honest and people say that one word that comes to mind when they think of her is "feminist." Clinton is also not seen as "likable" or "refreshing."
When Obama is mentioned most people in the poll point to his lack of experience.
And when Romney is mentioned most people cite his Mormon faith. The poll also found that "Romney's ratings for likability, strength and attractiveness have improved . . . but he is still well behind McCain in every category."
When McCain is mentioned people point to his time as a Vietnam POW and say that he's a war hero. And this is true for people of both political parties. In fact the poll found that "even Democrats have very little bad to say about McCain."


Anonymous said...

No wonder the democrates have nothing bad to say about McCain - they love him just like they love their own - He is more a liberal democate that moderate republican...I hope and pray he does not get the nomination--By the way why is it that Huckabee is now cozying up to McCain - you would think that someone with McCain's past divorce history would be shunned by the likes of huckabee

Dan Cirucci said...

I don't know why Huckabee is cozying up to McCain but if Huckabee is hoping for the VP spot I'm betting that McCain is shrewd enough to know when somebody is sucking up to him.
McCain will make his decision based on the merits.
The GOP will need ALL Republicans (moderates included), Democrats and Independents if the party and its nominee are to prevail in November.
I would hardly describe McCain as a longshot. No way. I know a lot of liberals - REAL liberals. He's not one of them.