Saturday, February 2, 2008

Running Against Clock

Barack Obama is closing in on Billary but time may run out before he is able to seal the deal and capture the nomination.
Obama has not peaked. His numbers continue to climb. And it seems that the more people see and hear him, the more they like him. But Super Tuesday is upon us and two more big primaries (Ohio and Texas) come up on March 4. Obama is in a race against time.
He does not seem to have the time to gain the kind of exposure he needs to make the complete case with the voters - not enough time to hammer home his positions on issues, either. And not enough time to make an impact in so many states at once.
The longer the campaign goes on, the more Obama gains and Billary loses. But time may not allow enough gain by Obama and enough loss by the Clintonistas for Obama to prevail.
The sooner Hillary is able to wrap it up, the better for her. The longer Obama is able to keep it going, the better for him.
The big surprise in all this is that it was the Republicans who were supposed to have a protracted fight and the Democrats who were supposed to wrap things up early. But now the tables have turned.

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