Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Ax As Toothpick

So now wacky Joisey Governor Jon Corzine says he finally hears the cry of oppressed taxpayers and he comes forward to propose a state budget that cuts state spending a whopping 1.47%. And included in this are cuts in property tax relief (rebates) and aid to municipalities which translate into higher local property taxes and less money in homeowners' pockets. It's the same old shellgame.
Corzine's cuts are so tentative, so limp, so tiny that it's sort of like peeling a grape: delicate and meaningless.
The Governor says he will cut up to 5,000 jobs from the state payroll (many through attrition). But that's only about 4% of the total state workforce.
California and Indiana are moving toward 10% budget cuts and Joisey can barely eek out one-and-a-half percent from its bloated, wasteful, corrupt-ridden state bureaucracy.
Call your state legislators and tell them: Don't touch the rebates. Instead. cut more. Cut waste, mismanagement and fat across the board in the state budget! It's time to use an ax, not a toothpick.

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