Friday, February 1, 2008

THE Book On Movies

If you are as interested in the movies as I am you must read Pauline Kael. The late movie reviewer wrote the book on the movies, literally.
It's called "5000 Nights At The Movies" and it contains more movie reviews and more insight into the movies than anything else you'll ever read. It's a wondrous resource.
You will be surprised at the sheer number of movies Kael reviewed in her lifetime. What's more, her knowledge of movie techniques, movie directors, stars, studios, eras and genres will take your breath away.
And although these are considered "capsule" reviews they are all penetrating and thorough in their own way. It's obvious in her reviews (which are abridged from much longer versions that first appeared in The New Yorker magazine) that Kael had a passionate love affair with the movies.
This book is as much fun to browse as it is to read through and it will lead you to movie treasures you might not otherwise have known about. You can pick the book up with a particular movie in mind (listings are alphabetical) or you can simply plunge into it at any point and take your chances.
Either way, you won't be disappointed.

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