Friday, February 22, 2008


Wacky Jon Corzine's toll and tax plan is dead. Even Corzine himself has admitted it's not going anywhere in its current form.
But watch out. Because the Governor is apparently ready to wheel and deal with Assembly and Senate Democrats - the same Democrats who are reluctant to give up the iron-fisted grip they feel they hold on our state.
So, like Frankenstein, some version of a tax/spend/tax/spend plan can keep coming back. Dems are eyeing hikes in the gas tax. Yes, they want to take away the one break (the last break) we've got in Joisey - the relatively low price of gas at the pump. And there are other tax schemes on the table inclding "smaller" rises in tolls and another round of hikes in state-imposed fees for all sorts of things. Plus, they want to take away our real estate tax rebates.
The answer for all of these must be clear: "No, no, no and no!"
No further increases in taxes, tolls, or fees. No new taxes. No reductions in rebates. No more games. Cut state spending now.
Find the list of state legislators here. Call them and tell them "NO!"

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