Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strait Stuff

Speaking of George Strait, we would be remiss if we did not observe the maturity, depth and range and his performance.
George Strait makes Kenny Chesney seem like a lightweight. He makes The Rascal Flats seem like a tennybopper group. Strait doesn't need the swagger of Toby Keith to make his point. He doesn't have to jump all over the stage and yell like Big & Rich. He doesn't need to levitate and/or swing from wires the way Garth Brooks once did. In fact, he'd look silly doing any of these things.
George Strait is Real Music for Real Adults.
Strait doesn't insult the intelligence of his audience. He doesn't pummel you with his performance. He understands that when you've got The Right Stuff you you don't need bravado. With Strait the talent shines brighter than any pyrotechnics and the words of the songs do almost all of the talking that needs to be done.
In the shrill world that we now call "entertainment" this is refreshing beyond belief.

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