Saturday, February 23, 2008

There IS A Difference

When we tell people that we've found that, generally, Republicans lower taxes while Democrats raise them and generally, taxpayers nearly always getter a better, fairer deal from the Republicans, more than a few people tell us: "Awwww, it makes no difference. They're all the same!"
But they're not all the same.
Look at these figures that Frank Borelli sent to us from the Tax Foundation:
Annual taxes under Clinton 1999 [Under Bush 2008]
Single making 30K - $8,400 [$4,500]
Single making 50K - $14,000 [$12,500]
Single making 75K - $23,250 [$18,750]
Married making 60K - $16,800 [$9,000]
Married making 75K - $21,000 [$18,750]
Married making 125K -$38,750 [$31,250]
Under Bush federal tax rates run from 10% at the lowest level to 35% at the high end. Under Clinton the rates ran from 15% at the low end to nearly 40% at the high end. Rates were higher under Clinton for all Americans even the so-called "working poor."
Keep this chart and show it to others when they tell you "There ain't no difference!"
Because the fact is that Democrats raised rates for lower and middle income people.
Now, if you run into anyone who actually wants to pay more in taxes, tell them what the President said in his State of the Union: "The Internal Revenue gladly accepts checks or money orders."

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