Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Perfect Pizza

You can search high and low for the perfect pizza and then one day you bite into a hot, crispy pie and you're in heaven. You've finally found it!
That's what happened to us last week at Pietro's Coal Oven Pizzeria & Family Restaurant on Walnut St. in Philadelphia. We've long felt that the true test of a pizza is the basic margherita pizza. We asked for a "basic" well-done.
The atmosphere at Pietro's is warm and inviting and the service is always friendly. In the winter a burning fireplace makes it even more delightful. And Pietro's boasts a large, well-stocked bar. After we enjoyed a large, fresh Italian salad the pizza arrived right on schedule. The aromatic, thin-crusted pie was fresh and succulent. And unlike many thin crusted pizzas it held its flavor and texture beyond the first slice. Perfecto!

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