Wednesday, February 27, 2008

People Power

It has now become clearer than ever that the only thing that can save New Jersey is the transfer of power directly to the people. And this can only be accomplished by initiative, referendum and recall.
The residents of New Jersey must gain the power to place public questions directly on the ballot, vote on important topics in direct elections and recall public officials through petition and election. Twenty-eight other states now have this power and it works. When California Governor Gray Davis mismanaged the state, the people recalled him. He was thrown out of office in a special election.
While Governor of New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson stated that the referendum and initiative were "the safeguard of politics." Direct democracy, Wilson said, "takes power from the boss and places it in the hands of the people."
New Jersey has strayed way too far from Wilson's model. It's time to take the state back and restore Wilsonian democracy!

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