Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dan Goes On A 'Useless Rant'?

Deric L. Adger of Philadelphia has written this about me in a letter to the Philadelphia Daily News:

Op-ed writer Daniel Cirucci is so perturbed by the use of phrases like "sounds like a plan" and "bottom line" that he felt the need to go on a useless rant about it?
Maybe he should just stay in the house and avoid all human contact. I'd be sure to give him a "shout out," though, from the non-elite!

Here's my response:
Deric, sometimes I do go on rants. Sometimes I can't help myself. I'm just a passionate guy. I feel strongly about things -- all kinds of things.
But I don't regard my rants as "useless," Deric.
After all, I did manage to get a response from you. I did manage to rouse you. So, it wasn't useless.
And, I like the fact that you took the time to write to the newspaper and comment on what I said. I respect and appreciate your input.
But no, I'm not gonna stay home.
If you read this blog, you do know that I like to get around.
And, it's OK. You can give me a "shout out" as I happen to consider myself a non-elite as well.
All the best,


Editor said...

There's nothing wrong with the occasional rant

Edwards Party of 4 said...

You tell 'em Dan!

Joseph G. Zanghi said...

Dan - Click on the link below to see Cherry Hill's - CHERRY BLOSSOM PARADE (1973 -1992). You will see some of the politicians that you knew when you worked for the township!

Thanks for mentioning the cherry blossoms on Chapel Avenue!

Joe Zanghi -Link is below!

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