Thursday, April 8, 2010

Runyan: NO National Sales Tax!

Career politician John Adler (NJ-3) should immediately and publicly disavow comments made yesterday by White House Adviser Paul Volcker at a New York Historical Society Event in which Volcker supported a European-style value-added tax for America, challenged Republican congressional candidate Jon Runyan.
Runyan said significant spending cuts and shrinking the size of government were the only acceptable paths to reducing deficits, and that any talk of tax increases should be an instant non-starter, especially in an economy that continues to struggle.

“John Adler was a serial tax-raiser in Trenton, and he voted for both the disastrous $1 trillion stimulus bill and the cap-and-trade national energy tax in Washington,” said Runyan, a former NFL All-Pro tackle. “That’s why I feel it’s so important that I publicly challenge him today to go on the record disavowing this massive tax increase scheme immediately. If he fails to do so, his silence will tell overburdened taxpayers in New Jersey all they need to know about his intentions.”

Runyan said the out-of-touch comments coming from members of President Obama’s own inner circle should frighten every over-taxed American to their core.

“The tax-first-ask-questions-later philosophy coming out of Washington is a big reason I decided to run for Congress, said Runyan. “Young people just starting out, families with kids, senior citizens on a fixed income and small businesses struggling to stay afloat are beyond the breaking point and can’t afford to pay any more. If I am elected to Congress, I will never vote for a tax increase. Ever.”

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