Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day In Joisey: Dreary, Indeed!

New Jersey State Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13) issued the following statement on today’s status as ‘Tax Day,’ the deadline for filing New Jersey and federal income taxes:
“While taxpayers across America shoulder the growing expense of federal government together, the citizens of New Jersey stand virtually alone in bearing an immense state and local tax burden that is far greater than that of our countrymen.”
Kyrillos noted that a recent study by the non-partisan Tax Foundation shows that New Jersey has the second highest state and local tax burden per capita in the country. Correspondingly, the Tax Foundation also found that residents of New Jersey have the second latest “Tax Freedom Day” in the country. With a Tax Freedom Day of April 25, New Jersey residents must work nearly one-third of the year, 115 days, just to pay their federal, state and local tax bills.
“While most of the country has already celebrated Tax Freedom Day, New Jersey residents have to put in another ten days of work before they can start earning for themselves,” added Kyrillos. “It’s time that New Jersey taxpayers throw off their shackles and place them on governments that have long spent too freely.”

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