Friday, April 30, 2010

When Have You 'Made Enough Money'?

President Obama says "I do think at some point you've made enough money."
So, when is that point?
When do you say to a person: "You've made enough money. You can't make any more. That's it."
Does Bill Gates have enough money? Should we stop him from making any more? And what will that mean for Microsoft? For the economy? For America?
Does Donald Trump have enough money? Should we force him out of business?
What about Oprah? She's got a lot of money. Is it enough?
How about Alex Rodriguez? Doesn't he make enough money for playing baseball?
Then there's Bruce Springsteen. No matter how much you like his music, hasn't he made enough money?
Katie Couric. She makes zillions for what she does. Why should she be allowed to earn even one more cent? Isn't it time to cancel her contract?
And how about Obama himself. He made something like four million bucks last year alone. Does he really need all that money? Hasn't he made enough?
Well, when is enough, enough?
And who decides when it's enough?
These are the kinds of questions you can ask and this is what happens when you start to play Obama-style, Democrat class warfare.
If this is the kind of 2010 campaign the President and the Democrats care to conduct, I say: "Bring it on!"
And we'll soon learn when the American people have had enough.

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