Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Security Hangs In The Balance

President Obama's startling announcement that we will apparently not use nuclear weapons against an enemy -- even if we are subject to a biological or chemical attack -- brought to mind something that I wrote nearly two years ago. I wrote it in the midst of the last presidential campaign, while vacationing seaside at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

I think the questions that I raised then are still relevant now.

Here's what I said:

The semi-tropical atmosphere of this blessed island with its lush foliage, warm sea breezes, long sunny days and star-drenched nights lends itself to refreshment, invigoration and contemplation.
This time of year the island is teeming with young families and that means that children are everywhere. As I watch these children play freely poolside or by the ocean and cavort with such wonderful spontaneity, I pray for them and for their future. And I can't help but ask: "Who will protect them?"
Who will protect these children from our enemies?
Who will protect our nation? Who will safeguard our way of life and the freedoms that we treasure? Who will protect America from those who hate us and are determined to destroy us and everything that Ameica stands for?
When these children are tucked in at night, who will protect us with the strength, fortitude, courage and determination that will ensure another bright morning for America?
We live in dangerous times.
And be sure of this: Our enemies want us dead - all of us; even the children.
We need a leader who truly understands the nature of the enemy that we face, the seriousness of the threat that confronts us -- someone who has faced our enemies eye-to-eye once before; someone who has survived with strength and wisdom; someone who loves America and knows what it is to risk everything for that love.
We need someone who has the courage - the sheer guts - to act and the knowledge and experience to know when and how to act. There won't be time for on the job training.
This is what we need if we are to protcet these children and give genuine meaning to the word "hope." Because, unless these children survive, unless there is a "tomorrow" for them, there is no hope - no hope for America or the world.
These are the considerations and this is the issue that should inform us in this election.
For me - for these children - there is really only one choice.

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