Sunday, April 18, 2010

'Joe Democrat' Turns Republican

Here's an actual note that we received in our comments section from someone who simply identifies himself as 'Joe Democrat.' We think it's worth repeating here:
I left NJ about four years ago after living there all of my life. I couldn't afford the property taxes anymore, especially after I lost my job.
NJ is a nice state as far as it's beauty, at least in most of the suburban, exurban, and country areas. I lived in the mountains of northwest NJ and loved it. I also loved the shore during the summer. Unfortunately, there's been something rotten in NJ for a very long time.
I'm a lifelong Democrat who hopes that Mr. Christie succeeds. I would have voted for him against the corrupt Corzine.
I'll be changing my political affiliation to Republican soon here in Florida. Democrats have no sense of fiscal responsibility. Some Republicans have the same problem.
My hope is that all those in politics that only worry about themselves without considering the prosperity of this great country as a whole, get booted out of office.
Mr. Christie seems to have his head on straight, and I wish him the best.

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Josh said...

A very good and insightful response. But if you're going to vote out the Democrats, don't just replace them with career politician Republicans. That's just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Replace the incumbents with people like Jon Runyan in NJ or Tom Ganley in Ohio who will actually be a breath of fresh air. Electing people like Roy Blunt - a 7-term congressman - or Rob Portman (GWB's former director of OMB and a former congressman) won't change much of anything except the party label.