Monday, October 25, 2021

A Youthful Zest For Business Success!

Take a dollop of youthful optimism, mix in hardscrabble determination, boundless energy and a breathless commitment to hard work and you have the makings of a inspiring success story right in your own backyard,  No, it's not happening in someone's basement or rec room or garage or even in a storefront. It's happening within the closely proscribe confines of one of those aisle carts that you see at your local shopping mall.

That's where I found Donavin Ruggiero and Michael Johnson, two enterprising young guys who will introduce you to Quick Care shoe cleaning products. Quick Care is like a shampoo and conditioner for your footwear -- and that applies to all footwear of any type, material or texture including everything from sneakers to casual footwear to fine leather shoes. And here's the thing: this product cleans your footwear spotlessly and dries instantly. And the best part is that Donavin and his team will demonstrate the product right on the spot for you. So you can get your shoes or sneakers cleaned right there, and, if you like it take home a cleaning kit for yourself. But there's absolutely no obligation!

And, by the way: don't think in terms of mere show polish. This product is way beyond that -- it's actually light years ahead.

If you're in the Cherry Hill Mall area stop by to see these guys. They work hard and are committed to their product and its success. In fact, Donavin tells me he routinely puts in 10 to 12 hour days and works 55 hours a week or more. His stamina and enthusiasm impressed me from the start. And Michael is equally propelled by a strong work ethic. Plus, these two guys are two of the friendliest young people you'll ever meet -- engaging, respectful and happy to be of service. They honestly love their work and their product. Stop by and give it a try!

PS: I'm doing this simply because I'm impressed with these fine young entrepreneurs. They give me hope for the future. I get nothing in return and I want nothing in return. 

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