Thursday, August 30, 2012

An America Like Europe: A European View

I've spoken to several journalists from Europe here at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.
And I've asked them how they feel about Republicans saying "we don't want to be like Europe."
A young journalist from Austria answered: "I wouldn't expect America to be like Europe. Why would you want to be like Europe? You are a different culture, a different continent, a different nation with a different history. It's understandable that you wouldn't want to be like Europe."
But another journalist from Paris indicated that what he finds as a resistance to European ways to be somewhat off-putting.
He told me that Europe is no longer a social welfare state but at the same time he defended government, taxes and entitlement programs. He said that America should adopt a single payer healthcare program and should provide free college education to everyone. He said he doesn't mind paying taxes -- he welcomes it because he feels that government is providing for him and for everyone else.
So, there you have it -- different views of Europe and America from different Europeans.
And this too: My new acquaintances from Paris told me that if and when I visit Paris I won't want to come home. "You will be so happy," they said.
That, I don't doubt.

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