Friday, August 31, 2012

Congressman Rob Andrews: Career Change Ahead?

Here is a special message worthy of your attention:

Today, August 31, 2012, the result of the Office of Congressional Ethics Board's investigation into Representative Rob Andrews' recent activities involving his leadership PAC and campaign account was released and, not surprisingly, it was a fairly damning report of Rep. Andrews' conduct. The investigation concluded that "there is a substantial reason to believe that [Rep. Andrews] improperly used congressional campaign and Leadership PAC funds for personal use, in violation of House Rules and federal law."

More troubling, however, is Rep. Andrews' failure to fully and fairly cooperate with the investigation: "Representative Andrews refused to fully cooperate with the OCE's review in this matter preventing the Board from properly ascertaining the complete scope and nature of certain expenses by Representative Andrews and his family." Rep. Andrews has disclaimed any wrongdoing, but then refuses to cooperate in an investigation which could potentially clear him of all wrongdoing? This just doesn't add up. If you truly have nothing to hide, Rep. Andrews, then give the investigators the information they seek.

Holding Office as a U.S. Representative is an honorable privilege requiring the highest ethical and moral standards from the individual holding the office. You serve the People of the First Congressional District, Rep. Andrews, not yourself. The conduct described in the OCE Board's report is disgraceful. It's time for a career change for Rob Andrews. Save whatever may be left of your honor, Rep. Andrews, and immediately resign.

Rep. Andrews too-long tenure in Congress has brought remarkably little assistance to the residents of the 1st Congressional District. The Camden waterfront, previously a source of good, solid jobs providing a living wage to the people of the district, has been in a downward spiral. The DRPA, a recipient of federal funds, has been found to be a virtual playground of waste and abuse, according to a recent report for the NJ Office of the Comptroller.

Where has Rep. Andrews been on these and the other important issues? On a vacation, perhaps in some European country.

Thomas T. Booth, Jr., Esq.
Chairman CCGOP

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