Monday, August 20, 2012

Could Ryan Be Best VP Pick Ever For GOP?

They're calling it a bold and daring political move.
They're citing it as serious, responsible and sensible.
And even liberal publications and columnists have admitted that it has not only energized the GOP's base and proved attractive to independents and Reagan Democrats but also given Dem leaders and activists more than a few sleepless nights.
They're talking about Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate -- and Ryan's dazzling first week on the campaign trail.
Here are some of the words they're using and some of the things they're saying:

“Overflow Crowds” … “Energy” … “Thrilling” … “An Emotional Connection”

The Hill: “A Broadly Successful First Week As The Republican Vice Presidential Candidate…” “Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has had a broadly successful first week as the Republican vice presidential candidate, according to strategists affiliated with both parties.” (The Hill, 8/18/12)
  • “Thrilling The Large Crowds That Are Turning Out To See Him…” “He is thrilling the large crowds that are turning out to see him, earning multiple standing ovations as he runs through his stump speech.” (The Hill, 8/16/12)
ABC News: “On The Stump, Ryan Has Been Solid. He’s Engaging And Personable. He’s Energetic.” (ABC News, 8/19/12)

The New York Times: “Mr. Ryan, For Now, Has Been The Portrait Of Amiability On The Stump.” (The New York Times, 8/17/12)

Los Angeles Times: “Paul Ryan Unfazed By Spotlight's Glare.” (Los Angeles Times, 8/16/12)

The Washington Post’s Dan Balz: “It’s Clear That There Is An Energy In The Crowds…” “Ryan has energized Republicans. Read any report out of the Ryan-Romney bus tour through Virginia (Saturday) and North Carolina (Sunday), and it’s clear that there is an energy in the crowds…” (The Washington Post, 8/13/12)

National Review’s Rich Lowry: “Overflow Crowds … He Has Generated Excitement.” “I think it's energized Republicans…. And there were about 2,000 people jammed at the gym, overflow crowds, and a huge crowd in the cafeteria in the overflow room. So, he has generated excitement.” (PBS’s “NewsHour,” 8/17/12)

Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol: “Changed The Nature Of The Campaign … The Romney-Ryan Ticket Potentially Could Have The Wind At Its Back.” KRISTOL: “He's done great. No, he's done very well, I think. And no he's really changed the nature of the campaign I think. And changed -- really made it a different campaign than it was a couple of weeks ago.… Now I really feel that the Romney-Ryan ticket potentially could have the wind at its back. It feels more like a movement and less like a campaign.” (Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday,” 8/19/12)

Republican Strategist Ron Bonjean: He's Instantly Making An Emotional Connection.” “‘He can patiently explain the budget issues in 10 seconds, two minutes or 10 minutes, depending on the audience,’ Bonjean said. ‘He already has shown the ability to connect with voters while at the same time explaining important policy matters with them. He's instantly making an emotional connection.’” (The Hill, 8/16/12)

Republican Strategist Mark McKinnon: Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan “Pulled A Surprise” And “Launched A Direct Attack On The President’s Cuts In Medicare Spending.” “But Mitt Romney pulled a surprise, nominating Ryan as his running mate. R-squared then launched a direct attack on the president’s cuts in Medicare spending. And ‘Boom!’ The big stick just came back and hit the Dems…” (The Daily Beast, 8/17/12)

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