Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dick Morris Poll Shows Romney With Significant Lead

Dick Morris is a renowned pollster, author, commentator and political prognosticator.
He was the man behind President Clinton's many political successes.
Morris has now conducted his own poll on the upcoming presidential election. Here's part of what he has to say:
With all the conflicting polls and survey samples using registered — as opposed to likely — voters, I decided to conduct my own poll using the same methodologies I used so successfully for Clinton.
On Thursday, August 23rd, I conducted a national survey of 500 likely voters through live telephone interviews. The poll finds Romney ahead of Obama by 50-43! — far, far different from the published polls.
(The sample was 33% Democrat, 31% Republican, 11% black, and 8% Latino).
Click here to get more details from Dick Morris' revealing new poll.

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