Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obama Promised Energy Policy; Never Delivered

“Four years ago today, President Obama promised voters he would implement an energy policy that reduces costs for middle-class families – but he’s delivered exactly the opposite. Gas prices are surging and household energy costs will be driven even higher because of the President’s war on coal. It’s unacceptable and voters deserve better than President Obama’s ‘hodgepodge’ policies. The Romney-Ryan plan will put the nation on a course for energy independence by 2020 and create millions of new jobs.” – Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign Spokesperson

Four Years Ago Today, President Obama Promised To Implement An Energy Policy To Help Drive Down Costs For Families:

Candidate Obama, Four Years Ago Today: “We Still Do Not Have An Energy Policy In This Country. … Not Only Does That Mean That You Can't Fill Up The Gas Tank, It Means Everything's Gone Up.” OBAMA: “I don't have to tell you about gas prices. If you work here at this facility, you know what the rising cost of oil has done and the fact that we still do not have an energy policy in this country. And for the individual family, not only does that mean that you can't fill up the gas tank, it means everything's gone up. You go shop in the grocery store, eggs are up 20 percent, bread is up 30 percent.” (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks, Kansas City, MO, 8/26/08)

But What Has President Obama Delivered? A “Hodgepodge” Energy Policy That Has Left Gas Prices Skyrocketing:

President Obama: “Our Energy Policy Still Is Just A Hodgepodge.” OBAMA: “Our energy policy still is just a hodgepodge, and for all the progress we’ve made, we’re not where we need to be in making sure that this is an energy-efficient economy that is running on all cylinders.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks At DNC Event, Miami, FL, 6/13/11)
  • NBC’s Chuck Todd: “No Issue That Has Been … A Bigger Bust For The President Than Energy Policy In General.” MSNBC’s CHUCK TODD: “Very quickly, president’s going down to Miami to give an energy speech. Nia, you’ve been with me, I feel like, on the front lines covering the president from the day he took office. There is no issue that has been a, I guess, a bigger bust for the president than energy policy in general. There’s a lot of, we can come up with a lot of excuses as to why, but boy, it’s just like you can’t - he’s made no progress.” (MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown,” 2/23/12)
Since President Obama Took Office, The Average Price Per Gallon Of Gas Has More Than Doubled From $1.85 To $3.74. (U.S. Energy And Information Administration, Accessed 8/25/12)
  • Gas Prices Are Significantly Higher Than This Time Last Year. “The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline stood at $3.718 on Thursday, according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report. That’s up from $3.572 the same time a year ago. A month ago, prices were at $3.477.” (Myra P. Saefong, “Drivers May Have To Wait For Break At Gas Pump,” MarketWatch, 8/24/12)
The Price Of Gas Is On Track To Reach Its “Highest-Ever Price For Labor Day.” “With oil approaching $100 a barrel and the U.S. refinery market recovering from a spate of outages this year, gasoline is on track to reach its highest-ever price for Labor Day — and consumers may have to wait longer than usual to see those prices retreat.” (Myra P. Saefong, “Drivers May Have To Wait For Break At Gas Pump,” MarketWatch, 8/24/12)

And President Obama’s Other Energy Policies Are Threatening To Drive Prices Higher And Destroy Jobs:

Under The Obama Administration, 111 Coal Power Plants Are Expected To Close By The End Of 2012. “But in the past two years, an increasing number of coal-powered electricity plants across the country have announced closures. Estimates vary, but banking and industry analysis firm Credit Suisse put expected and known closures for 2009-2012 at 111 plants, that's one-fifth of the nation's nearly 500 coal plants.” (Lisa Desjardins, “The War Over Coal Is Personal,” CNN, 7/17/12)

President Obama’s War On Coal Will Raise Electricity Costs For Consumers. “Some utility officials said the new rules and others that the Obama administration plans to enact in the coming months could force the retirement of several coal plants. That, in turn, will raise electricity costs for consumers, said American Electric Power spokesman Pat Hemlepp.” (Juliet Eilperin and Darryl Fears, “EPA To Impose New Power Plant Rules,” The Washington Post, 7/7/11)

Domestic Oil Production “Has Been Relatively Static” And Production Levels Are “Well Below The Rates From 1951 Through 2002.” “But these facts are not particularly impressive considering that production has been relatively static since 2003 -- it is only slightly higher now than in previous years. We pointed this out in an examination of the president’s State of the Union address, citing an Energy Information Administration graphic that shows production levels well below the rates from 1951 through 2002.” (Josh Hicks, “Oil War: The Ad Battle Between ‘Big Oil’ And DNC, Part 2,” The Washington Post, 3/30/12)

President Obama “Continues To Stand In The Way Of The Keystone XL Pipeline” – Which Is Projected To Create Thousands Of Jobs.  “President Obama continues to stand in the way of the Keystone XL pipeline, though increasingly he's standing alone. … Big Labor and Western Governors such as Montana Democrat Brian Schweitzer support the Keystone for the thousands of jobs it will create, which is adding to the pressure on Capitol Hill Democrats.” (Editorial, “Democrats For Keystone,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/20/12)

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