Monday, August 27, 2012

The GOP Convention - We're On Our Way!

As I'm waiting to board the plane to the GOP convention in Tampa, I sincerely hope that the Republicans will be able to get all their convention sessions in, what with hurricane Isaac and all.
Because, as I've said before conventions are important.
The quadrennial political convention is an important rallying point for the party. For party loyalists and activists the convention gives everyone the chance to meet and be together -- face-to-face. And this real, live meeting is even more important now in the age of hi-tech communication. In fact hi-tech simply drives the desire for greater in-person human interaction. Communicating via e-mail or social media actually fuels
our desire to meet the people that we've been chatting with.
And Republicans are the among the most sociable, warmest, welcoming people I've ever met -- plus, they enjoy interacting (and partying) as much as the rest of us.
And I should know as I came to the Republican Party as a convert and Republicans were most welcoming to me. They accepted me with open arms.
And that simply proves that first impressions really ARE important as I have been a Republican ever since.

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