Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Real Meaning Of The Call Of The States

Here in the arena in Tampa for the call of the states as the Republican Party goes about the business of nominating Mitt Romney.
The floor of the arena is jammed with delegates and the cheering and screaming during the voting is raucous at times and marvelously uplifting.
I remember watching the roll call of the states as a little boy on a small black and white television. From the very beginning I was mesmerized by this awesome spectacle.
If you have children I hope you are having them watch the roll call tonight in this beautiful red, white and blue bedecked hall.
How can one not get goosebumps during this historic, colorful, folksy unique call of the states?
Sure, the roll call could probably be completed in a few moments electronically. But isn't it nice that it's still done the old-fashioned way with each state expressing its own distinct personality -- it's own individuality?
This is a marvelous spectacle and a great tradition and I feel so honored to be here and witness it live and in person.
God bless America!

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