Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ryan Choice Has Obama Team Shaken

It's been almost a week since Mitt announced Congressman Paul Ryan as his choice to join America's Comeback Team, and in that time the campaign has seen a dramatic increase in fundraising, engagement, and volunteer signups. Polling data is also showing strong momentum behind the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Clearly, Obama is shaken by Mitt's selection, and a campaign that was once based on "hope and change" is now one of frustration and divisiveness. In contrast, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will give voters an honest debate and a positive agenda to get America back to work and back on track.

Check out my memo below, released earlier today. The numbers say it all.

Matt Rhoades
Campaign Manager
Romney for President, Inc.


      Matt Rhoades, Campaign Manager
      America's Comeback Team

Tomorrow marks a week since Mitt Romney announced his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan to join him on America's Comeback Team, and it's clear that his choice has reshaped the race in a positive way. The Obama team's increasing vitriol is a sure sign that they're rattled by the pick. Unable to engage in an elevated policy debate, they've spent the past few days drowning in their own venom.

Since the announcement in Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday:

Online Fundraising
Donations: 124,800+
Amount: $10,157,947
Average Donation: $81
% New Donors: 68%

Site Traffic
Total: 2,000,000
Desktop: 1,560,000
Mobile: 440,000

Mitt Romney Social
Facebook: +510,000 -- Now 4,360,000
Twitter: +54,000 -- Now 861,000

Paul Ryan Social
Facebook: +860,000                    
Twitter: +118,500       

45,000+ sign up to volunteer online

President Obama is on defense over his $716 billion raid of current Medicare beneficiaries to pay for Obamacare, and allowing the hospital trust fund to go broke by the time those aged 50 or below are Medicare eligible. The political director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warned this week that the issue could cost Democrats the election.

At the same time, the Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class is gaining traction. Voters in the swing states believe that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a better plan than Barack Obama and Joe Biden "to reduce the deficit, create jobs and get the economy moving."

Polling data shows Romney gaining since the announcement. Both Gallup and Rasmussen show us leading Obama in national polling, and recent statewide polling shows us picking up ground in Ohio and Virginia.

While President Obama's team continues its campaign of frustration and division to distract voters from his failed record, the Romney-Ryan team will continue offering solutions to the challenges facing our nation. America is ready for a comeback and if this past week is any indication, America's comeback will begin on November 6th.

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