Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who Won The Night: Ann Romney Or Chris Christie?

Don't you hate when the media ask "Who won the night?"
So do I.
But this morning the question is being asked again.
Some people say Ann Romney won the night with her simple, appealing plea to (primarily women) voters delivered with poise and panache. No doubt about it, Ann was appealingly authentic.
Others say it was Chris Christie with his bold message of tough love delivered with typical brashness. Clearly, Chris was compellingly commanding.
But these were two entirely different speeches.
They had two distinctly different missions. And they were appealing to somewhat different audiences.
The candidate's wife traditionally introduces the candidate in gentle, embracing, non-confrontational tones. The keynoter sets the tone for the convention and the campaign with clear, definitive (sometimes sharp) contrasts between one party and one candidate and the other party and the other candidate.
Ann was primarily appealing to women in an attempt to soften her husband's image and show they he (they) really care; that they've faced the same problems and challenges as everyone else; that things were not handed to them; that they haven't lived a storybook life.
Christie needed to fire up the base AND reach out to Democrats and independents. To Republicans he said: "Stop trying to please everybody. Stop trying to be loved. Tell the truth, make the tough decisions and you'll gain not just votes but respect as well." To Democrats and independents he said: "Yes, we really are worse off than we were four years ago; yes, things really are tough and they don't seem to be getting better. But with bold, honest, leadership we can forge a new alliance. We can get out of this fix. We can do better."
The combination of Ann Romney and Chris Christie provided a powerful, prime-time, one/two punch to the evening. This unlikely duo did what it was supposed to do.
Indeed, they both both won!

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