Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NOW Is The Time To Support Religious Freedom!

A special message from

This election is about religious freedom.

That's why we MUST do everything we can to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

A CV subscriber helped design this fantastic new bumper sticker for everyone to use. We have loads of them ready to go out to anyone that can make a contribution of $5 or more right now!

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If you can donate more than $5, you can help us deliver thousands of these bumper stickers into swing states like Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. A $50 gift will cover the cost of printing and sending 130 stickers to Catholic voters in states that will be critical battlegrounds in November.

Today marks 76 days until Election Day 2012.

Are you ready for November?

Every four years we hear the adage "the most important election of our lifetime." But this year that phrase is real. The foundational issues of life, marriage, and religious liberty have been under assault for years. But 2012 will truly be decisive.

Actually, I recently heard someone say that 2012 is not the most important election of our lifetime. That was 2008. But 2012 is our chance to fix that mistake.

Either way, the future of religious liberty -- the foundational right to practice our Faith -- is on the line this November. This right encompasses all that we cherish in America -- life, family, faith, and freedom. It all begins with the right to obey our consciences and follow Jesus Christ.

It's really that simple. America must choose.

Let's stand up together and help America make the right choice.

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