Friday, June 26, 2009

113-Year-Old Man's Secret

From Flash News:
Cigarettes, whiskey, and wild, wild women” is the secret recipe for a long, healthy life.
At least that’s according to 113-year-old Henry Allingham, who became the oldest living man last week after the death of Japanese-born Tomoji Tanabe.
Up until a few years ago, Allingham admits he still enjoyed a good cigar.
This week,
Buck Wolf of’s Weird News Central looks at the unlikely indulgences of the world’s great “super centenarians.”
Oddly enough, Wolf notes that “alcohol and tobacco had an unmistakable role in the lives of people who famously lived far beyond 100.”
Jeanne Calment, the port-drinking, chocolate-loving French woman who lived to 122 and once held the Guinness World Record, only gave up smoking at 117.
The oldest Canadian on record, Marie-Louise Febronie Meilleur began smoking as a teen and didn’t kick the habit until she was 90. She lived another 27 years after that.

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