Friday, June 26, 2009

Numbers Favor US Soccer

From Flash News:
The U.S. soccer team’s shocking win over Spain on Wednesday (Jun. 24) was written in the numbers.
According to numerologist Julian Michael, when you look at the date of the game, the score, and the fact that the U.S. broke Spain’s 35-game winning streak, the numbers add up favorably for the underdogs.
In numerology, you add up the numbers to come up with the simplest figure possible.
The 35-game streak becomes the number 8 by adding 3 plus 5, and Michael says 8 represents power, both physical and mental, which Spain’s team had until their loss.
The score, 2-0, adds up to 2, which represents union and family. Michael says the U.S. team played like a family, which lead to the conquering of Spain.
The fact that the match-up took place in the sixth month of the year means the U.S. team played with a lot of heart.
The year – 2009 – represents “unpredictability” and letting go of the past, a day for “transformation and change.”


Radu Gherman said...

Good morning from Europe. I can tell you that over here, people are in shock. I can only hope that the US can continue their success against Brazil; US soccer needs the boost.
BTW - your blog is a hit with my family here as well. They like the variety of news, although they don't quite understand the machinations of US politics.

Dan Cirucci said...

Hope you're enoying Europe.
Thanks for helping to put us over the top internationally!
Will be back in Philly after 7/19 and you, Sean and I can do lunch.
Let's make it happen.

Sean Schafer said...

I'm in!