Thursday, June 25, 2009

Costly Toll Of Corzine

Campaign Corzine vs Governor Corzine

Campaign Corzine on the Middle Class in 2005...
"We Must Make New Jersey Affordable For Middle-Class Families."
(Jon Corzine, "The primary's over... Now the real work begins," Corzine for Governor email, 06/08/05)
Governor Corzine's Budget in 2009...
Motor Vehicle Fee Hike. With Corzine's increase in motor vehicle fees, New Jerseyans will pay an addition $20 million to the state.
Taxation of Certain Lines of Insurance. Corzine will increase taxes on accident and health insurance premiums to 1% to 1.35%. This increase will cost New Jerseyans $35.3 million.
Cuts in State aid to municipalities and counties. Corzine will cut $32.1 million in aid to towns and counties throughout New Jersey which means local taxes will be raised across our state to make up the difference.
Alcohol beverage tax increase. Corzine is going to increase taxes by 25% on liquor and wine.

Campaign Corzine on Property Taxes in 2005... "
"I Believe In Cutting Property Taxes For Senior Citizens And The Middle Class."
(Jon Corzine, "I believe," Corzine for Governor Campaign Commercial, 11/04/05) Governor Corzine's Budget in 2009...
Eliminating property tax rebates. Even with the newly discovered windfall, Governor Corzine will still eliminate Homestead Rebates and reduce direct property tax relief by $100 million.
Ending the property tax deduction. Corzine will eliminate the property tax deduction for 1.2 million New Jerseyans costing New tax payers $100 million.

Governor Corzine on Jobs in 2005...
"And most critically the hardworking people of New Jersey will have high quality jobs that enable them and their families to enjoy the high standard of living for which our state is known."
(Jon Corzine, "Ports Initiative speech," Port Elizabeth, 4/25/2005)
Governor Corzine's Budget in 2009...
Payroll Tax Hike. Governor Corzine is now going to raise payroll taxes for employers at the cost of $90 per employee, costing New Jersey business owners $400 million.
Corporation Business Tax Surcharge. Governor Corzine is going to extend the 4% surcharge through FY 2010, costing business owners $80 million.
Corporation Business Tax. Governor Corzine is going to decouple the federal tax benefit from state tax returns, costing New Jersey businesses $190 million.

All of these new taxes and fees will increase the tax burden on New Jerseyans by an astounding $1.5 Billion at a time when we can least afford it.
Save New Jersey. Dump Corzine!

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