Saturday, June 27, 2009

He Loves Women's Sexy Feet

From Flash News:
One Bachelorette reject is putting his best foot forward and continuing his search for a woman with hot feet.
Tanner Pope was eliminated from The Bachelorette this past Monday (Jun. 22). On the show, he constantly talked about his bizarre attraction to women’s feet, including bachelorette Jillian Harris’.
Pope – who’s had a foot fetish for years – says all women’s feet are “cute and feminine,” but the icing on the cake is when a gal’s toes are painted.
He says women’s feet are much hotter than guys’, since dudes don’t really take care of their dogs.
Though Pope claims feet “are not a deal breaker” for him in relationships, he does hope to wind up with a woman with pretty ones.
The perfect scenario would be dating a girl in the summertime – when she’d be wearing flip-flops – making it easy for Pope to “catch a glimpse” of her feet.
The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.


Foot Fetish said...

What's so "bizarre" about being attracted to women's feet? The feet can be just as sexy as any other part of a woman's physical appearance.

Anonymous said...

I am male 52 from Chicago and have been attracted to women's feet since age about 5 or 6. I now run a real modeling site where we work with developing women's shoe photos for advertisements. Doing this twenty years and believe me, I love a women fro head to toe from within to out, There is not a part of a women that is not special I love pretty feet and do enjoy them