Sunday, June 21, 2009

'Door Condoms' Fight Germs

From FlashNews:
Those who bounce from door to door no longer have to worry about contracting a BHTD – a bathroom handle transmitted disease.
The Purleve hygienic door handle solves the sticky issue of touching public bathroom knobs, which are covered in nasty germs that can cause all kinds of illnesses.
The device replaces door handles and is filled with a roll of thin, plastic sleeves covered in antimicrobial solution.
Each time it’s used, it automatically replenishes its surface with a clean sleeve to make the handle sanitary after every touch.
Company owner Todd Muderlak likens the device to a condom that protects hands from the disgusting germs people pass along, since one germ can multiply to 16,000 in one hour.
He explains, “It’s like a new condom every time. You’re touching a door handle that’s never been touched. And the antimicrobial is like the spermicide in the condom that kills all the little spermies in your hand.”

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W said...

Sounds like a great way to create antibiotic resistance.