Monday, June 22, 2009

'Dream' Reveals Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy, The Dream That Never Died by Edward Klein is one book that should surely be on your summer reading list.
This book is fair, thorough and full of juicy details.
No one writes about the Kennedys like Edward Klein and he's done it again. In this book, you'll find out why Ted Kennedy was always conflicted about running for President and why he couldn't explain his reasons for running in that famous interview with Roger Mudd.
You'll also discover why Teddy decided to stay in the Senate and why many people consider him one of the greatest Senators of all time.
Some other juicy details:
--After JFK, Jr. died Kennedy really wanted Caroline to be the heir to the Kennedy legacy.
--Now that Caroline has faltered, look for Joe Kennedy to emerge (after a battle with Ted's wife, Victoria) as the new heir to the legacy.
--Kennedy weighed more than 300 pounds when he had the seizure that led to the discovery of his brain tumor.
--Ted has already lived longer than most others with his type of Cancer; but he's also had access to the very best doctors in the world.
--Kennedy revered his father (Joe Sr.) despite all of the old man's failings.
--As a kid, Teddy was the runt and often was the butt of mothers Rose's jokes. Later, Rose came to see Teddy in a new light and their relationship deepened.
--Kennedy hates Jimmy Carter and views him as a self-righteous elitist and a bitter man.
--Teddy and his old friend, Senator Chris Dodd did more than their share of carousing and have been known for their mammoth sexual appetites. Their exploits are legendary and scandalous.
It's all here in The Dream That Never Died. In this book, you will come to see this giant of American politics as a real, live, three-dimensional person -- flawed, haunted and lecherous but also determined, accomplished, insightful and caring.
Trust me: This is a true summer page-turner -- a book that you don't wanna miss!

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