Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hollywood's Sexiest Dads

From Flash News:
Brad Pitt has it all, including the title of Hollywood’s sexiest movie dad.
According to a recent poll by – the nation’s leading movie-ticketing destination – 14 percent of movie buffs find Papa Pitt to be the sexiest movie dad around.
Other sizzling onscreen daddies include...
Johnny Depp, who garnered 13 percent of votes.
Matthew McConaughey, tied with Will Smith with 12 percent of votes.
Hugh Jackman coming in hot with 11 percent, followed by Ryan Phillippe and Patrick Dempsey with 6 percent.
Mark Wahlberg with 5 percent of votes and Jude Law with 4 percent.
Despite his goofy demeanor, Adam Sandler rounds out the list of sexy Hollywood dads with a surprising 3 percent of fans’ votes.
Fathers who were tossed around but didn’t quite make the cut include Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, and funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen. Perhaps the revealing mesh shirts Cohen sports in Bruno aren’t helping his sex appeal as much as he’d hoped.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please...
Patrick Dempsey is the sexiest dad ever !! DUH !