Monday, June 22, 2009

Brooklyn Hosts Virtual Wimbledon

From Flash News:
Forget Wimbledon. True tennis champs swing their “Wiimotes” instead of their rackets.
On Saturday (Jun. 27), Brooklyn will get served as the 3rd Annual Wiimbledon tournament swings in for an all-day event that crowns the champion of Wii Tennis.
The showdown pits 128 competitors in rounds of fierce virtual tennis against players in one of three levels – “noobs” – or newbies – pros, or ninjas.
Founders Steve Bryant and Lane Buschel encourage players to “dress with moxy,” and add, “Dressing like Richie Tenenbaum is good. Dressing like a slutty robot is better.”
Challengers are also advised to dip their hands in paraffin oil to improve their game.
Along with the Wiimbledon crown, known as Andy Roddick’s Pretty Grand Prize, players can win one of the following awards: The Sampras Has Back Hair Award for best costume, The Andre Agassi Memorial Mullet Award for most stylish player, or the McEnroe Was A Dick Award for most dangerous player.

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