Friday, June 26, 2009

Bad Atlantic City Getaway

Freinds of ours have reported a harrowing story about their recent trip to Atlantic City.
It seems they wanted to get away for a few days and cheked into the Hilton, well . . . . here's how they explain it:
We thought it would be nice to go down to A.C. for a couple of days this week.
So we called the Hilton and asked if they had a beach bar and if there were umbrellas/chairs rented on their beach.
The answer to both questions was yes.
We got there Tues. about 2 pm, and it was beautiful there.
Went to eat lunch at the beach bar. Closed until this weekend, or maybe today, or maybe Friday.
No one seemed to know. All we do know is that it was closed Tues and Wed.
Went to rent chairs/umbrellas. That too was closed.
Again, no one knew when it would open. Just not open Tues. and Wed.
Sat around the pool Wednesday (indoors). It was full of kids, but that goes with the territory, so we blocked out their noise and read books.
At 6 pm the "spa" staff walks out, announces that the pool is closing and everyone has to leave. Now it's raining cats and dogs right then, so what were these parents supposed to do with their kids?
Oh, but I need to regress: Tues., after seeing the Hilton beach bar was closed, we walked 12 blocks down to the one at Caesars. I ordered one of their "specialty" drinks--a mojito. The waitress returns: no mint. I order a pinot grigio. The waitress returns: no pinot. I order a chardoney. It tastes like beer.
Now fast forward to Wed. After being thrown out of the pool, we returned to our room (filthy carpet, but the bathroom was clean--I'll let you know how I know that later). Decided to eat at one of the restaurants in the hotel because it was pouring rain.
Guess what? Only the coffee shop and a burger bar were open. NO BARS!!!
Only the bar at the Burger Bar. (Which I"m guessing specialized in beer, but we didn't try it). No honestly. I asked a manager where a bar was, and he said they were all closed, until, are you ready? -- The Weekend!
Back to our room. On Wednesday night/ Thursday morning at about 2 a. m. a party starts in the room next to us. We tried putting pillows over our heads. No point. So, at 2:30, we got up, packed our suitcases, and left. We got home a little before 4 a.m. Thursday.
We told the manager on duty when we were checking out, that he and all the staff had better start looking for jobs a.s.a.p, because if PA opens table gaming, why would anyone go to Atlantic City anymore?
Now I must say that all the people working at the Hilton were very nice and quite unhappy with what the hotel did not offer. My theory is that the owners of the Hilton want it to close, and then they can turn it into condos.
There was no one on the casino floor. Why would there be? Without liquor, what's the point?
So now our friends are really down on Atlantic City.
Their experience also invluded a very bad meal at P. F. Chang's. They say they'll never go back to Atlantic City.
I feel sorry for them and hope they'll reconsider.
My prescription: Next time, try The Borgata. You won't be disappointed.
BTW: An entirely different set of friends also reported a dreadful experience at Patsy's restaurant (the famous pasta place from New York) inside The Atlantic City Hilton.

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