Friday, June 19, 2009

World's Worst Dads

Even if your dad isn’t the world’s greatest, he could be much worse.
Buck Wolf, of’s Weird News Central, has compiled a list of criminally bad dads who probably won’t be getting slippers or golf clubs this Sunday (Jun. 21).
In Tampa, Florida, drunken dad Adrian Kegler put his 12-year- old behind the wheel of his SUV while he rode shotgun. They ended up running over a pregnant woman.
In Georgia, William Cunningham was convicted of putting cigarette lighter fluid in the soup of his seven kids three times. It was all part of his brilliant scheme to sue Campbell’s for big bucks.
Then there’s Christopher Peterson in Las Vegas, who found out his 16-year-old was planning to fight another kid in school. Instead of talking his kid out of it, Dad drove him to the rumble and when things got rough, he allegedly pulled out a crowbar.

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