Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hypnosis For Gosselin Kids?

From Flash News:
Jon and Kate Gosselin can ease the pain of their public divorce on their eight kids by hypnotizing them.
According to hypnotherapist Dr. Marla Brucker, hypnosis is an effective way for people to work through their emotions and pain.
Hypnosis helps people let go of their anger and move forward, so it’s a viable option for the bitter Gosselins and their brood.
Since the kids will inevitably feel responsible for their parents’ divorce, Brucker says hypnosis will help them process that it’s not their fault.
She suggests Jon and Kate individually talk to their kids while asleep, since the “subconscious always hears the truth.”
They can whisper in their ears and explain how much they love them and rebuild their kids’ confidence by telling each one how great they are.
Though hypnosis may benefit the children, it’s more complicated for Jon and Kate.
Brucker says hypnotherapy can help them forgive one another, but can’t force them to get back together unwillingly.

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